Nerf Wars (3a)

Over 110 Nerf Blasters to choose from!

Every Nerf War Battle includes safety glasses, soft foam darts & your choice of 1 blaster from our Level 1 Arsenal. While it seems cool to have more than 1 blaster from our amazing arsenal, trust us, you can’t shoot & load 2 blasters at a time.

Having a tough time choosing? Don’t under estimate the single or triple pull action guns… especially if you ever get in a jam. 

You may choose to upgrade your gun to a Level 2 (Hyperfire – battery powered!) for an additional charge.

Our Battle Arena Commanders will provide you with a Nerf Blaster, safety glasses & soft foam darts!

Please leave your blasters at home as we do not allow them in.

Level 1 Nerf Blasters

Included in all packages




Level 2 Nerf Blasters

Available for $10 upgrade (battery operated)