• This is a live booking event venue. So much like a concert, sports game or class, the event starts on time whether you & your guests are all there. NO TIME EXTENSIONS if you or your guests arrive late.
  • Late participants may or may not be allowed to join without refund.
  • So let your guests know it’s important to arrive no more than 15 min early with the MANDATORY appropriate footwear for your activity & their online waiver already signed.
  • Kids under 18 require an online waiver signed by their legal parent or guardian or will not be allowed to participate.
  • We are primarily an 18+ facility however we allow well-behaved kids ages 6+ to use our facilities until 8 pm when supervised by their parents. We do NOT allow anyone to run around our main area. We are very strict about this rule. And after 8 pm it’s adults 18+ only.
  • There is a 10 min grace period AFTER the booking end time. After that there is a $45 per half hour charge to the credit card on file for guests lingering.
  • Minimum age requirements for all activities being booked. (NO exceptions)
  • No substitutions.
  • All prices, packages & offers at UberWarrior are subject to applicable taxes & are subject to change without notice.
  • We love children, which is why our sister company LilWarriors caters to kids! UberWarrior does not have activities for any children between the age of infant to age 6. We strongly discourage guests bringing infants (even in carriers or strollers), as it can be very loud & startling in our facility. Heck we are a facility for adults!
  • At least one adult per every 10 children ages 6 to 17 is required to remain on premise during scheduled activities.
  • UberWarrior reserves the right to adjust, substitute & adapt activities booked for all participants of any age and especially kids ages 6 to 17 based on behaviour and listening to rules & instructions.
  • When booking 2 or more activities, activities may not be split over multiple participants.
  • Promotions, vouchers or other special offers may not be combined with other discounts or party packages.
  • Pricing is based on a minimum number of participants for each activity, additional participants are at an additional charge.
  • We have a zero tolerance policy for physical & verbal abuse. There are no refunds or compensation for guests not abiding by our policies, safety rules, guidelines or other procedures.
  • We will not list every subject or scenario. Guests, participants and spectators are expected to use common sense & common courtesy.


Food & Beverages

  • We’re a licensed establishment through the LCBO.
  • Feel free to bring food to your booked axe throwing event or Battle Arena partyOutside food is allowed!
  • If you’d like time after a regular battle arena activity to bring in your own food there is a party fee per half hour.
  • Bring your own plates, napkins, candles, knife/cake server, lighter & forks for food other than the pizza we serve. We do not stock or provide tableware.
  • Any other items then the items listed as allowable below MUST be approved 4 days BEFORE the party date. NO EXCEPTIONS.


Booking Policy

UberWarrior is a live event venue. So just like a concert, movie tickets, a trip to the doctors or even a massage therapist, bookings at UberWarrior are made in advance. Same day bookings & walk-ins may be available but are not guaranteed & subject to availability.

​Missed & late bookings affect 3 people: You, your games master, and the guest who could have had your booking appointment.

A non-refundable, non-transferable security deposit is required to confirm your booking. Security deposits range from $100 up & up to 50% in some cases.


Arrivals — Early & Late

All participants should arrive no earlier than 15 minutes PRIOR to your reserved game time.

Your event time starts at the time booked.

In the event where safety training and/or orientations are missed, we may decide at our discretion whether any late arrivals may participate in the event. NO refunds or compensation will be granted for late arrivals.


Inclement Weather

Like a live event venue, the show goes on. Be sure to leave enough time to arrive on time. NO refunds, reschedules or compensation will be granted for cancellations, no shows or late arrivals.

Your event time starts at the time booked.


Agreement to Terms

All bookings are subject to a non-refundable, non-transferable deposit.

Closed toe shoes are mandatory and all arena activities require clean indoor running shoes. NO EXCEPTIONS. Sandals and flip flops are not permitted. We recommend against high heels for axe throwing. We also recommend a comfortable, loose fitting clothes that won’t restrict body movement. Be prepared to sweat & have fun!

​By submitting your booking request you are agreeing to our food, clothing & booking policy’s (and our FAQ page) & agree to any other terms & conditions.

Allowable Items

✔️ Pizza
✔️ Cake, cupcakes, donuts, desserts etc.
✔️ Fruit trays & veggie trays
✔️ Chips
✔️ Cold cut sandwiches & wraps
✔️ Cheese & crackers
✔️ Individual plastic water bottles
✔️ 710 ml, 500 ml or smaller plastic bottles of pop
✔️ Individual juice boxes
✔️ Balloons & balloon bouquets

We CAN NOT store any food or cake. Please plan appropriately.

For Kids Parties: Loot bags may be left at the front counter to be handed out ONLY when your guests are leaving the party.

Items Not Allowed

✖️NO ice cream or ice cream cakes
✖️NO heating or cooking devices
✖️NO open cups or cans
✖️NO glass, glass bottles or large bottles
✖️NO greasy or fried foods
✖️NO staining type foods like chicken wings, beets or pastas with sauces
✖️NO pinatas
✖️NO silly string, confetti, small table cut outs or glitter
✖️NO sparklers or noise makers

Don’t forget to bring your own plates, cutlery, napkins, serving utensils, knives etc.